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No need to wait with 1-Day Installation service*

Trained Technicians & Professional Installation

If you just purchased a brand new garage door, it is very important make sure your garage door installation is done by a company that is professional and knowledgeable in installation. Your garage door install must be done with parts that fit, professional tools & trained technicians to complete the job correctly, allowing the door to glide smoothly on the tracks and prevent any future unforeseen issues. We offer 1-day Installation on most garage doors, ensuring your door is ready to use in a quick and timely manner. Call today to get your new or replacement garage door installation started and we will schedule your project in as soon as possible.

New Door – 1 Day Installation

If you are purchasing a new door from CDOHD, we offer our customers a 1-day installation (in most cases). No need to wait, Call us today.

Our Trained Technicians

Our In-House Technicians have been trained by us and specifically for garage door installation, so you get the best service and knowledgeable staff we can offer.

Waste Disposal

No need to worry about clean-up, We take care of everything. Our technicians make sure our work area is cleaned and all parts / waste is properly disposed of, (includes full door removal).

Specially Designed Trucks

Our trucks have been specifically modified to haul large garage doors to your location without damaging them. Our flat rack surface ensures no indentions will be made to your brand new garage door.

* In most cases - No Guarantee
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